About visiting this exhibition

How do I attend the exhibition?

Visitor registration on our website or an invitation letter is required to attend the exhibition.

Please present the email titled ‘Visitor Registration Completed’ that you received after registering on our website at the entrance counter.

Or present your name card if you have an invitation letter.

Can multiple people visit if one representative registers?

Only those who have registered will be admitted. Please ensure all members of your group are registered.
(Visitor registration will open in May.)

I have completed the ‘Visitor Registration,’ but I have not received a confirmation email.

There is a possibility that the email was mistakenly identified as spam. We will resend it to you, so please contact the secretariat.

About this exhibition

Is there any translation service?

Free Japanese and Chinese translation services by Chinese international students are available. Please note that we do not offer translation services for other languages. For more information, please inquire at the ‘Information’ desk inside the venue. (Please be aware that, due to the limited number of translators, there may be some wait time.)

How can I have a business meeting?

You can have business meeting directly with exhibitors at each booth.